ERS 40055

The Ultimate Intelligent, Multifunctional Shower Head
  • Control with a simple gesture: change the shower function by infrared ray
  • Water-powered, No Batteries required: the built-in micro hydroelectric generator can change the kinetic energy of the water flow to electrical energy powering the sensing component and LED.
  • Adjustable Sensor, for Kinds and Elders
  • The colorful LED can directly display the water temperature range intuitionally preventing people from getting burned: LED light which change the color according to the water temperature.

Blue  → Water temperature <27℃

Green → Water temperature 27℃~41℃

Red  → Water temperature >41℃

  • Spray type overhead shower: Natural Rain, Powerful Mist, Tender Bubble
  • Shower head size overhead shower:Φ240mm
  • Ball-joint: overhead shower angle adjustable
  • Flow rate rain spray at 3 bar: 9 l/min
  • Minimum flow pressure:1.5 bar
  • Universal Connection, Easy Installation: G½
  • Suitable for continuous flow water heaters
  • Min. operation pressure:1.5 bar
  • Max. operating pressure:5.5 bar

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